What is Trophymaker?


TrophyMaker is our revolutionary online tool that empowers you to personalize your trophies with ease and creativity all from the comfort of your home or office. With TrophyMaker’s user-friendly interface, you have complete control over the design process. Unleash your imagination and create an award that stands out from the crowd. Engrave names, dates, special messages, and incorporate logos and graphics.

Whether you’re organizing a corporate event, a sports tournament, or celebrating a personal milestone, Trophymade is your trusted companion in recognizing excellence. Our streamlined ordering process and efficient production ensure that your personalized trophies are delivered promptly, allowing you to honour your achievers without delay.

How it Works.

Pick and Personalize

Choose your award, upload your club or corporate logo, add text, and style it how you want. Then see a real-time preview of your design, approve it, and place your order.

Leave It To Us

Once your order is placed, we’ll do the rest. How we personalize will depend on your award, but rest assure our team of experts will make them look their very best.

Straight To Your Door

Once your trophies are looking tip-top, it’s time to get them to you. Since all orders are personalized right here in North America, shipping them straight to you is sure to be speedy.

Ordering 500 is as easy as 1.

Our goal while building Trophymaker was to simplify the process no matter how many awards you needed. We believe we have achieved this with our bulk naming tool, simply select “No” to this question on the text element and then copy and paste the list of names into the box, It’s as simple as that!

Trophymade's Naming Tool


Here’s an example of personalizing 10 awards all with different award names and winners.


Trophymade offers a vast array of high-quality materials and exquisite designs to suit any occasion. Don’t settle for generic recognition – let your imagination run wild, and bring your vision to life with Trophymaker. Discover the joy of seeing your creations cherished and displayed proudly by recipients, inspiring a sense of pride, motivation, and accomplishment. Unleash your creativity, honour greatness, and make a lasting impact with Trophymaker. Give it a go, and let your awards shine brightly as beacons of success!

Explore our huge range of awards and give TrophyMaker a go for yourself.
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